Configuring ASKBOT using virtualenv

I have been trying to install Askbot using virtualenv.Askbot is an open source an Q&A forum which is written in Python and Django and virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments.

You can get a brief introduction about virtualenv here.After installing virtualenv, activate the the virtualenv using the following steps:

First of all, create a project dir with virtualenv.

$cd /home/development
$virtualenv site --no-site-packages
$. site/bin/activate

Now copy the sources of askbot for customize and install

$cd /home/developments/site/
$git clone git://
$cd askbot-devel
#python develop

Now move to the sub directory /home/development/site, and execute the command

$cd /home/development/site

When prompted for the name of the directory type forum.Now, edit the file accordingly.

Execute the commands ‘python syncdb’ ‘python migrate’.
Now run the development server:
$python runserver
Go to the browser and enter the URL as

While executing the command, python develop, in virtualenv, I often faced the problem of module missing. In that case I usually used the command
$pip install -E site
This would install the modules in the /lib/python2.7/site-packages/ directory inside the virtualenv.

But I eventually got stuck in a problem with the module functional,Though I installed the package celery and django-celery, it did not help. At last Evgeny helped me sort out the problem. A detail conversation and the solution is shown here.


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