Hacking a level deeper into Transifex

Last week, I started working on the ticket #789 which reported that there should be support for the xliff files with .xml extension. As it was an easy patch with few edits in the configuration file and tests I submitted the patch to upstream for review and they accepted it. 🙂
After that rtnpro directed /me to work on the ticket #673 which reported that there should be a RSS Feed for the project timeline. As I had already worked with RSS Feed in ASKBOT so I had a prior knowledge about the topic. But I went through the topic once again more deeply and got to a lot more things. It took sometime due the festive season in between but submitted the patch for review as soon as possible and got it accepted.
After that I started off ticket #578 but could not complete it as I found that there was a bug in the /project/add/ page which raised the NoReverseMatch exception so I reported this to rtnpro and started working on it and found some more bugs and a typo and finally resolved it altogether and submitted the patch. I also sent a patch regarding a bug in the Manage tab which was losing it’s selection after the sub menu item was pressed.


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