Effective Cloud Intrusion Detection System – First Interview .

Cloud - The future metier of technology.

First Phonic Interview-


Our first phonic conference conversation with IBM officials  triggered on 1:00 pm sharp with a voice – profound ,experienced and personality beyond admiration of our mentors –  Devkant Aggarwal <dev.aggarwal@in.ibm.com>,Prafulla P Ranadive <prafulla_ranadive@in.ibm.com>,Hari A Duche< harduche@in.ibm.com>.

Both our mentors showed a spark of acceptance and satisfaction for our work which was the design module 1 .

We were greeted with serious bombardment of questions some of them were-

1>.Difference between LAN and CLOUD?

2>.What is Cloud Computing?

3>.What are its benefits?

4>.How my IDS is feasible ?

5>.And to give a full description of our proposed model?

There was no diffidence among us . We answered every question in a gallant way .

One of the official questioned us about the feasibility of our IDS and its adaptability to new intrusion (unknown)  .Though we were perplexed we came out with the answer in a diplomatic way which kept our team…

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