Darkserver Improvement

I am currently doing some manual testing of my code, and it proved to be vital. It helped me figure out a lot of bugs. One of seemed weird to me in the beginning:
The get here(https://github.com/sayanchowdhury/darkserver/blob/config/darkimporter/libimporter.py#L310) returned an error

Method Not Allowed
This is an XML-RPC server. Only POST requests are accepted.

The project required a heavy amount of download, so my mentor gave me a dev instance to test out my code, all seemed to be fine, with the code properly working on local machine. But on the dev instance a major bug surfaced, all the architecture with referring to the same key. So, currently i started working on implementing different darkproducer-ids for different darkproducers.Also, I need to get started with a long-term bug, my mentor pointed me in the shutdown functionality of darkserver.


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