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The system will not boot.
Instead it ends up with the message:
An error occured during file system check.

Dropping you to a shell.Give root password for maintenance or type Control-D to resume normal startup

1.First,type in your root password and press to get the prompt shown below.
(repair filesystem) 1#

2.Type the following command:
fsck -y /

The system may warn about the potential risk of further file system damage when running the test on a
mounted file system.
The system will then check for file system errors and fix them if possible. When finished a new prompt
appears. Do a reboot and hope for the best.

If only a few seconds passes before the new prompt appears the system was probably not able or willing
to check the / partition. It may also refer to a journal saying the / partition was “clean”. Try running the
check on the /home partition instead:

fsck -y /home

If the check will not run when issuing the above commands, try using the physical device names instead
of their mount points.

fsck -y [physical device name, for example /dev/sda1]

To find the physical device name try performing the command:

which will return a partition table listing both the device names as well as their mount points. Look for
the “/” and “/home” partitions.


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