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For some time now, I started working up on Dorrie. Dorrie is a web application which enables users to build a Fedora/Spin.It is a Free Software licensed under the GNU Affero General Public License v3 or later and written using Django/Python.

After successfully downloading and deploying Dorrie from GitHub, I found out that it was showing an error “invalid arguments to setopt” in the /basic/ page. So after googling for few minutes I came to know the error was arising because setopt was receving uni-code as the argument in place of string So, after the modification of the code, I sent the patch upstream. Later, Shrink, rtnpro and I were discussing on Dorrie so rtnpro came up with the idea of making the code modular and dividing the codes in files based on type of settings. He also told of introducing django-addons into Dorrie as it adding a true plug-n-play functionality to our own Django applications and he assigned me the job. Since, it had been quite sometime I had worked on Git, I had forgotten some of the commands so I had to google the commands again and write out the patch. I sent out the patch upstream the following day. Here is my Dorrie clone on GitHub.


Mukti is the annual FOSS festival organised by the GNU/Linux Users Group of NIT Durgapur. Mukti 2011 was held on 4-6th Feb. 2011.There were lots of events like Codecraker,BrainMesh,Konfigure,FreePL etc.Students and Foss enthusiast from in and around Durgapur come to this three day festival.

The first day started with the lighting of the lamp after which Director of NIT Durgapur along with few other professor of the college,Mr.Rahul Sundaram,Mr. Kushal Das and Mr.Shreyank Gupta addressed the audience and enlighted us with their words.
After hanging around a bit and talking to kushal for the first time mrityunjay, chandankumar, rtnpro, kishan, bamachrn,yevlempy,meejan and myself proceeded to attend the RPM packaging workshop by Rahul Sundaram.In thee workshop we were taught to make a dummy rpm(hello).The workshop was wonderful and all my doubts regarding RPM packaging was cleared.

I could not attend the second day due to some problems.

The third day arrived a bit late to kushal’s System Programming with Python Workshop.Although i attended only two of the worshop but it was a great time meeting FOSSy people(as said by kishan) especially mether,Shrink,kushal.

I really applaud to all those who have put their hard work,labour and time to make this event a huge success and hope that MUKTI 2012 would be even bigger

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